Finding Motivation to Decorate

Finding Motivation to Decorate

Although the idea of redecorating your home sounds fun, there is a fair bit of work to be home that people tend to underestimate. You need to be ready financially because you will want to change and replace some things around the house which is going to cost money. You also need to be prepared for how time-consuming this process can be, so ensure you free up some of your busy schedules when it’s time.

Do you have trouble sticking to things and seeing them through? Perhaps you have issues with finding the energy to make the décor change or redecorate with a DIY approach. Finding the motivation is hard for most of us, we say we’re going to do something and then do the opposite.

Don’t worry; it is not too late to get motivated. Here are some tips for you to follow:

Focus On Why You Want To Redecorate

Before starting, know precisely what you want to accomplish. Take into consideration why you want to do that particular thing. If it is to come up with a new theme in your home say a coastal home interior vibe, or it isa modern vibe that you fancy; think how it will make you feel at the end. Renovations and decorating can help you be more organised and keep a cleaner home.

Get Rid Of The Distractions

It is time, to be honest with yourself. If you have distractions now is the time to get rid of them. Use your will power and determination to complete the redecorating. Does watching TV slow you down? Keep the tv off or remove it from your house if need be. A good thing to replace TV with is your phone, use your smartphone or computer to find inspiration for your home. It’s amazing what you can find on the internet for a reasonable price as well. Do the kids distract you? Then take them to daycare or send them on a play date with family. Having distractions will only slow the process, and eventually, you will be sick of the time it is taking to get done.

Break Down The Goals

Identify all the goals you want to accomplish. Know why you want to do them and identify what might be getting in the way of that. Have a mapped-out plan. Write down everything that you need for each goal so you can have it ready.

Don’t Try And Do It All At The Same Time

Allow yourself time to get the jobs done one at a time. People get to a certain point and get excited and try to get it all done at once. You will burn yourself out and struggle to do things properly.

Get Professional Help If You Need It

For many, when it comes to redecorating, it can be confusing and overwhelming. You can seek expert advice from a professional interior stylist and work with them to decide on what works with what and what trends are in at the moment.

Tell People All About It

Set a goal and tell people about it. People will continue to ask how it is going and pop in to see what stage you are at. This can help with motivation and help you to succeed in the job you are doing when friends and family are motivating and supporting you.
If you find you are struggling then maybe organise a working bee everyone helps do something, and you put on a free BBQ lunch with a few beers thrown in.

This will get the job done quicker, and you have plenty of people to ask advice if you need it.

Redecorating is supposed to be fun and exciting, don’t let it be a drag and a rush enjoy it and take your time.